Upcoming Events (Including all sailing/racing)

Sep 19 – Sep 20 all-day
IMA National Championships @ SSBC
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  • Mitch Booth – Training Weekend

    Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 16.46.40Australian – Mitch Booth is known worldwide for his association with multihulls, having competed at no less then 4 Olympics in the Tornado class; medaling twice. He has also competed in 64 World championships and won 10 of them. He now resides in sunny Spain and is in demand around the globe advising and training with Olympic teams and class associations like ours. Some of us were lucky enough to meet and race against him at the 2017 F18 World’s in Denmark.

    With eight F18’s, two Hurricane 5.9’s and one F16 in attendance, Mitch brought the sun with him from Spain, day one looked like we would have no wind as a result; the forecast was quite light. However, first up was a briefing in the club house; going over all that secret racing stuff we all want to know. Tuning, boat handling, tactics/strategy, starts, acceleration, mark rounding’s, tacking/gybing and of course going fast……

    Armed with some of that secret knowledge, like gladiators ready to tend their chariots we rigged our boats, 1 extra notch here, an extra pound on the Loos gauge there; with brief boat on boat one on ones with Mitch. By the time we had finished and got kitted up, we were greeted by the start of a fantastic sea breeze building as we launched our boats for our first on the water session. 

    If you have been lucky enough to compete at a World’s or any big fleet racing, you will know that starts are crucial. Boat handling is key to parking the boat and making sure you don’t collide with anyone; most importantly that you get away fast into clean breeze from the front row and don’t get rolled or spat out the back. Assistant coach Dermot McHugh and his brother Kevin ferried Mitch around and laid the marks for our quick turn around practise starts, each with varying degrees of success and one or two boats OCS or so we thought.

    After lunch the fairly constant sea breeze created almost perfect champagne sailing conditions. We progressed to a one lap race after every third start finishing downwind with crews trapezing and kites flying.

    After a fantastic first day, we headed back into a debrief session utilising excellent drone footage courtesy of Kinga Trojanowska. There was no hiding and the guilty OCS culprits were well and truly outed, all in good jest. A delicious barbecue and refreshments followed with some great stories to be heard form Mitch and all.

    Day two started exactly the same as day one with the sun shining and not much breeze. Following a quick briefing in the clubhouse, we congregated around one boat in the boat park as Mitch went through rigging and tuning for all the varying conditions. Sail shape and airflow over it, are all influenced by the many controls at the helm and crews disposal, getting them all in the optimum position at the right time is somewhat of a black art; times that by three to include the mainsail, jib and gennaker  and you can see why this crucial knowledge separates the master from the pupil. Following Q’s & A’s everybody agreed and enlightened by a true master.

    As we consumed a quick lunch the magnificent sea breeze had kicked in, we launched and sailed a square course to cover all points of sail as Mitch and Dermot followed us round with varying tips on what we could do to improve. By 2pm we joined the Swords scheduled racing for the afternoon and put into practise all that we had learnt. We were

    joined on the water by quite a few lasers, and other boats that made up the remainder of the Swords fleet. Great fun as we weaved in an out on a fantastic sailing weekend finally.

    Many thanks to Mitch Booth…See you soon mate…

    Article by Patrick Wodhams


    Thanks to our event sponsors:-

    • The ISA
    • Windsor Airside Opel in Swords
    • Redbull

    Many thanks to all that helped out over the weekend with special mentions to Dermot, Kevin and Jackie at Swords Sailing and Boating Club & the IMA.

    Both Mitch and Swords Commodore Stephen Broaders were interviewed by Fergal Keane for his RTE radio 1 show ‘Seascapes’ (https://www.rte.ie/radio1/seascapes/)  Broadcast on 18th May and available on podcast.

    Special thanks to:

    • All images and drone footage courtesy of Kinga Trojanowska.
    • Go pro footage courtesy of Dermot McHugh



  • 2018 – Club Quiz in aid of the RNLI

    The annual club quiz on Saturday 17th March in aid of the RNLI kicked off the start of the clubs 2017 season. 4 teams battled it out in a great contest.


    Congratulations to the winners.. team name: ‘Rosena’s Boy’s’ – Rosena, Jim & Darragh with quiz-masters Paddy & Amanda.

    There were 6 rounds of 10 questions each, with questions ranging from.. ‘How many senators is the Seanad Éireann composed of?’ The answer was 60. ‘Where was Donald Trumps mother born?’ Scotland.

    Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 14.29.52

    Other questions had a sports and Rugby theme as England had lost earlier on in the six nations rugby. A tricky question..At what height is the crossbar on Rugby goalposts?’ 3 metres! The Cheltenham Gold cup had taken place that week so the following question would have been relevant too anyone who had backed it...’Who won yesterdays Cheltenham Gold Cup?’ and of course the answer was Native River!Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 14.30.04

    With recent storms, a few stormy questions were included...’Storm names that affect both the UK & Ireland are set in collaboration between Met Éireann & the Met Office, however the most recent storm was named Emma by the the portuguese met office as it originated in their area. Because it has been named by a national meteorological service, the weather system retains its name as it crosses international borders. The answer was ‘Fionn’! Followed by…’How many oscars did Gone with the wind win in 1939? The answer was 8!’

    There was a name that tune round consisting of 10 tunes. A 5ish second piece of each tune was played. With teams nodding away remembering the tune, but who was it by? and what was it called?

    There was also a name that famous TV series round, again a 5 fish second clip played. And again all teams going I know this, but what was it?

    A marathon picture round of 30 famous Irish faces was introduced just before the half time break which proved interesting and gave everybody time to complete as it was the final round collected at the end. It was decisive with Rosena’s boys getting 20 out of the 30 faces correct.

    Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 14.29.20


    In 2nd place were ‘Raincon 2′ followed by the ‘2415’s and ‘DB1’….There was a raffle with prizes Kindly donated by some team members.

    rnli boat-b

    Monies raised for the RNLI including New years day, set a new record total of €900……Well done everyone.


    Thanks to our quiz master’s Patrick Wodhams & Amanda Green who have passed on the baton to winning team member Darragh for next year……..

    Article by Patrick Wodhams


  • Club Christmas Walk – Seechone Mountain – 29th December 2017


    Photo courtesy of Patrick Wodhams

    Christmas Walk 2017

    This year eight of us defied the inclement weather predictions and met up at Scholars Pub near Oldbawn for our annual Christmas walk. Conditions were overcast with a strong north westerly wind. At 11.15 we moved off to our starting point on the Kilbride Rifle Range road.

    Our principle objective was the summit of Seechone Mountain. We followed a trail through Seahan Forest till we picked up the ridge which led us top the top of Seechone. Up to that point we had been well protected from the biting wind. But at the top it was a different matter. On the way down the mountain we again picked up a trail through the forest leading us back to our cars. The 10km took us a little over two hours to complete. We all returned to Scholars for a quick coffee and home.

    Participant’s we Darragh Dunne, Bernie Grogan Gerry Glynn, Sharon & Donal Dwyer, Shannon (friend of Dryers), John & Peter Smyth

    Article by Peter Smyth


  • 2017 – Club Quiz in aid of the RNLI

    The annual club quiz on Saturday 25th March in aid of the RNLI kicked off the start of the clubs 2017 season. 6 teams battled it out in a great contest.


    Congratulations to the winners.. team name: ‘Neighbours’ – Paddy, Amanda, Sharon & Seamus with quiz-masters Stephen & Siobhan.

    Spaceships_01_FullThere were several rounds with a good selection of questions ranging from.. “What was Mexico’s boarder length with  America?” A 4 answer multi-choice question! For those in the know the correct answer was 1,951 miles! 

    Another multi-choice question was “What was the circumference of the moon?” If you are curious then the answer was 10,921 km.

    Following with tradition, there were the usual and very challenging picture rounds, one of which was to identify ‘Famous Cats’ and the other ‘Famous spaceships” ……….Buck Rogers @ no 2, The Invaders at no 6 and Flight of the Navigator @ no 10 and cats’ No 15 Cheetara from ‘Thundercats’ were all to prove tricky, but were a deciding factor for the eventual winners Neighbours who’s knowledge of these 2 rounds ultimately gave them victory. They were run close by last years winners Fingal flyers who finished 2nd, so well played to them.

    famous_cats_03_quizMonies raised for the RNLI including New years day, set a new record total of €600……Well done everyone.

    rnli boat-bThanks once again to our resident quiz masters for the night Stephen & Siobhan Broaders

    They have done a great job in recent years and will be handing over the quiz-master reigns to Paddy & Amanda who will be your quiz-masters for 2018.

    Article by Patrick Wodhams


  • Club Christmas Walk – Dublin Mountains – 29th December 2016



    Photo courtesy of Patrick Wodhams – More photo’s here.

    Christmas Walk 2016

    Our annual Christmas walk took place on Thursday 29th December. Over thirty of us assembled at Killakee car park just south of the Hell Fire Club in dull but pleasant weather. From there we moved off at 11.00 to our starting point on the Featherbeds.

    As it is our custom we try to stay within the Dublin county border. The route selected this year were old bog trails used to remove turf in years gone by. The location was just west of Glencree in the Dodder River valley.

    Conditions along the tracks were muddy and wet until we linked up with the Barneskala Track which cuts through the bog. This we followed south to the end where we stopped for lunch
    From there we turned back and criss crossed tracks to our starting point. The area is really wild and peaceful despite it being only two or three miles from the capital. We were all back to our cars by 2.00pm, where we all retired to the Scholars Town inn for refreshments.
    Our thanks to Brendan Peavoy who put it all together.

    Article by Peter Smyth


    Photo courtesy of Paul ‘Darth’ Rainey


  • 2016 – Club Quiz in aid of the RNLI

    The annual club quiz on Saturday 19th March in aid of the RNLI kicked off the start of the clubs 2016 season. 7 teams battled it out in a great contest.

    rnli boat-b

    There were several rounds with questions ranging from.. “Who were the seven signatories of the Irish Proclamation?”  To “What was the Manhattan project?”

    Feel free to google the answers! No such luck on the night, anyone caught with a mobile out would have incurred a €5 fine….Safe to say no one did.

    There were also 2 picture rounds, one of which was to identify cartoon superheroes and the other was to identify most of the Muppets. 2016 quiz the-muppets-b

    The 2nd placed team Mellow Meadows, Sharon, Donal, Marie and Shea ran the eventual winners close.

    The club quiz champions of 2016 were the Fingal Flyers…Rosena, Jackie, Jim and Maura…..Congratulations to them…

    Thanks once again to our resident quiz masters for the night Stephen & Siobhan Broaders.

    Monies raised for the RNLI on the night amounted to €280…Add the €205 raised on New years day makes a grand total of €485…Well done everyone.

    The winners – Fingal Flyers with Stephen & Siobhan.

    2016 quiz winners

    2016 quiz pano

    Article & Photo’s  by Patrick Wodhams