Club Open Weekend

open day 2017

Programme :

  • Rig boats and launch ribs, from 1.30am onwards.
  • Set up “sign- in station” listing visitors and their emails, addresses and mobiles also include the following….
  • Where did you here about the Open weekend event? (The following Tick boxes)
    • Google search
    • Club website
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • North county Leader
    • Cafe Times
    • Saw a hard copy poster (Where?)
    • Friend
    • family
    • Other (please specify)
  • Then members to ‘Meet and Greet’ visitors, answer questions and explain information on notice board from 2.00pm. (Remember to promote Website (FAQ’s), Facebook, Twitter)
  • Leaflets on the club facilities, classes of boats sailed, website, boat rental, training programmes, costs of membership, race programme and social events will be posted on the notice board.
  •  Videos of club sailing showing in the clubhouse?
  • Helms and crews  equip and take visitors for short spins around the estuary from 2.30pm. in Darts, Vagos and members boats.

 Close  6.00pm.