Membership fees for 2021

  • Ordinary single membership: €250
  • Family membership: €300

Note: All fees including Memberships are set after the club AGM (November/December) for the following year and the website updated accordingly.

(Covid restrictions permitting. Keep an eye on our home page for further notices and information).

5 Step – Membership procedure. (Existing members from Step 3)

Step 1  For new members: Come and meet us in person. 

Times to come down and meet us. 

(Covid restrictions permitting. Keep an eye on our home page for further notices and information).

  • March – May….Sunday Mornings at 9.45am
  • May – Sept….Sunday afternoons at 12.30pm
  • May to Aug….Wednesday evenings in summer at 6pm

Note: If weather is severe, sailing maybe cancelled and therefore no one will be down the club.

Step 2 – Email the Club Email and a password will be issued to you so that you can access the club online membership form.

Existing members – Note: Membership renewals from Step 3 – The club will send out an email (Early new year) to all existing members with the required password for access to the online membership form.

Step 3 Enter the password and fill in the Online membership form.

Step 4 – Bank transfer the correct amount to the club account using your NAME as the ref. Bank details and membership prices are on the form.

Step 5 – Email the Club Email With the date and amount you transferred and also, confirmation that you filled out the online membership form.

Thank You and welcome to Swords Sailing & Boating Club

Craft ownership

Members who would like to store their own Regularly Sailed Craft in the club pen must seek the pen masters permission before the craft can enter the pen. The pen master will allocate a space if one is available.

Please contact the pen master via the Club email to check before you take out membership.

Note: Any craft coming into the pen/sailed/paddled at the club must have appropriate insurance. There is a section on the club membership form. If you buy a craft after you have filled in the membership form, you must fill out the membership form again and follow the same procedure by contacting the pen master before the craft can enter the pen.

Note: If you do not renew your membership, your craft must be removed from the pen.

You will be issued with a pen key giving you access to your craft at any time. Note you will be responsible for the security of the club in making sure the pen is locked with the padlock inside the enclosure. The pen must be locked if left unattended. The pen key must be returned to the club if you sell your craft or/and leave the club.

Note: Existing members with Craft in the pen – If you sell your Craft, please inform the club pen master by Club email immediately. Please state whether you have sold the craft outside of the club and what date the craft will be removed; or if you sell to another member and state who that member is.

Sailing members who wish to store their Kayaks in the club pen must first contact the pen master to see if there is space (Note: There is limited space and Sailing craft will take priority over Kayaks). If the designated kayak space is available, then the kayak must be placed there and tied down. As with all craft entering the pen, they must have appropriate third party insurance as a minimum.

Pen Fees for 2021

  • Monohull – €110
  • Monohull Trailer – €20
  • Multihull – €140
  • Multihull Trailer – €30
  • Junior Craft – €50
  • Kayak€25
  • 2nd and subsequent craft, normal fees apply