Commodore – Message to all members – 5th March 2021

Dear SSBC member

I hope you are all keeping safe and well.  Having come through what seems like an everlasting winter I am optimistic that we will soon turn the corner in the fight against Covid 19.

As the weather improves I am sure some of you will be in a position to sail individually or with your family group.  Should you choose to do so I must stress the importance of following previously issued guidelines which are set out below for your information.

The Committee will keep you informed of our plans in accordance with the Government’s  recommendations and guidelines as they develop.

I hope to see you all back on the water when circumstances allow.

Best regards

Donal Dwyer


Swords Sailing and Boating Club

Unorganised and unsupervised sailing from the club

Members with boats in the club pen will have access to their boats and may decide to go afloat at their own risk. Please consider the following;

○ When changing into and out of sailing gear in and around the club grounds, please remember there are other sailors and members of the public, including children about.

○  They will be responsible for own safety on the water – will need to consider own ability, weather conditions and make provision for self-rescue, suggest you take mobile phone and let people know;

○  Single handed sailors in own boats and observing social distancing with any other members present at the same time;

○  Multi-crew boats crew from same household or multi household ‘pods’ (maintaining regular crew as much as possible) using own boat and observing social distancing with any other members present at the same time.

○  Hands must be disinfected with sanitiser before and after opening and closing gates to outer and inner pen;

○  The outer gate and boat pen gates must be locked when out on the water.

○  Please ensure full compliance with Government and ISA guidance;

○  All personal waste must be taken home for disposal;

○  Social distancing to be observed at all times – including on the rigging green

and slipway;

○  To facilitate contact traceability, entrants to the club pen are requested to let the committee know via club email with dates and times please.

○  If you are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 please stay at home – fever, cough, shortness of breath, body aches, diarrhoea, headache;

Note: The club pen if unattended must not be left unlocked.

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